06 April 2007

a birthday for jeremy.

today is my husband's 31st birthday. i can hear him two rooms away singing a vocal part on his new song "Daylight." a giant chocolate chip cookie the size of a tire is in the oven baking and soon will be decorated with blobs of chocolate frosting. eli is asleep in his swing after a busy morning during which we made homemade birthday cards, and helped jeremy on a hunt around the house to find his gift: Recording The Beatles.

eli and i are proud of him for so many reasons. beyond the fact that he's pouring his heart into a new album full of brilliant artistry and heaps of perseverance (and he's doing it all to take care of us, his family), we are proud of him for being such a caring husband who rarely fails to love his wife well, no matter the extent of patience it requires. and we are proud of him for being such a dedicated new father who handles every middle of the night diaper change without a complaint, and tears up at the sight of his son's tiny face. not every man has that depth of sensitivity.

every april 6th, i have the opportunity to stop and really dwell on all the amazing things about this person i am so blessed to share my life with. and this year it's even better because now we have eli to help us celebrate.