22 December 2009

a reluctant Santa.


Our sweet daughter was born on november 7th, weighing 5 lbs 15 oz. She arrived almost three weeks early due to some complications, so we are extra thankful that God's hand was upon her, bringing her to us safely.

We named her Emily Harper Casella, and are calling her "Millie."

Emily is a name I've always loved and was the first name that came to my mind for a daughter, even before Eli was born. Jeremy chose the nickname Millie, which means gentle strength. Harper literally means harp player which neither of us is, but it's a literary name (Harper Lee) and is obviously musical, so it reflects two things important to us both.

Eli is adjusting pretty well to his baby sister, all things considered. Of course, it doesn't hurt that Christmas presents arrive in the mail for him almost daily, and the house has been stocked with cookies and chocolate since before Thanksgiving. It's quite possible he believes Millie is responsible, so his affection for her might lessen once our diet returns to normal.

We're celebrating the holiday at home this year, cuddling our new baby, enjoying Eli's frequent U2 performances on the coffee table, cooking old family recipes, and watching lots of movies. We're carving out our own traditions; finding simple ways to celebrate new life and far too many blessings to count.

jeremy & millie meet.
[photo by my dear friend keely scott]

eli & millie meet.

first week home.

eli performs "beautiful day".

millie at five weeks.