17 March 2007


Just popping in to say that I've added a few new photos of Eli to the Flickr page in the past few days. He's changed so much in just seven weeks.


09 March 2007

what is good.

- spring. new buds on our willow tree, inklings of green leaves beginning to emerge.
- people pushing baby carriages along the sidewalks of our neighborhood.
- nourishment by many friends who have come to see us, and others who have come to bring us dinner.
- this weekend, a visit from Jeremy's brother.
- the scent of clean laundry.
- burt's bees apricot baby oil.
- apple tea.
- sunlight, instead of grey out the window.
- a new antique store around the corner.
- birds.
- eli sleeps. eli wakes up. eli stretches his neck, looks around with wide eyes, and then rests his head on my shoulder.