05 June 2009

growing and making.

and pruning and harvesting. chopping and rinsing. sewing and adorning.

now in the second trimester, i'm feeling the need to nest. to create. well, i always feel the need to create, but now i finally have the energy for it again. as a result, i am either on the brink or in the midst of several projects in my wee spare time...

-one artwork commission that i'm really looking forward to digging into.
-a writing assignment
-early thoughts and jots for the Tomato Art Fest at Art & Invention Gallery later this summer.
-getting ready (almost) to launch a little something i've been dreaming about for awhile now.
-countless house details as we glimpse the end of this lengthy renovation tunnel. we're finally hanging the tinsel on the tree, so to speak, even if there are still some lopsided branches.
-planting. i potted a lavender garden on our upstairs deck, and on the ground below, jeremy's vegetable garden is flourishing. i'm amazed at the progress considering he grew a lot of the crops from seeds. tonight for dinner, i steamed our first pluckings: a big handful of green beans. the corn is almost as tall as Eli now, and in a matter of weeks we'll have bushels of tomatoes.

soon, i will return to post about our recent family vacations and to share more. but for now, here's a little look at how we're welcoming summer (mostly by eating) & learning more and more to enjoy the simple things in life.