17 June 2010

On a Good Day.

i love that my life includes:

-a firefly named Fred "sleeping" in a jar on the kitchen counter.

-gathering up handfuls of basil from the garden, little hands to help squeeze lemons and sprinkle pine nuts, and teaching my son to embrace his Italian-ness with a big plate of pesto fettuccine.

-a sweet baby girl smiling straight into my face the moment I open my eyes.

-dear friends who understand and don't judge when there's a messy house, a toddler tantrum, a scattered conversation that's interrupted by requests for more cheese and fixing broken helicopters.

-a record player softly buzzing and a pile of my dad's old albums.

-funny-looking chickens that trot around the yard like their feathers are on fire and remind me not to be so serious.

-amazing coffee.

-a million ideas of things to create.

-mail that isn't a bill.

-sips of wine on the porch swing with my husband at sunset. (the very best ending to any kind of day).