08 November 2010

happy girl.

i could wait until i have time to download all of the party photos, the ones of Millie smashing into cake for the first time and smiling through a ring of purple icing. i could wait until i have time to properly describe it---how in the midst of joy, i also felt a little bit sad thinking of all the months that have gone by and how so many of them seem blurry. i could wait. but i also know that i don't get much time on my computer these days, and that isn't a complaint. it's because i am busy watching Millie grow new teeth (the top two have a huge gap between them that delights me every time she smiles). Or I'm busy searching for pajamas that are not only clean, but aren't stretched at the neck and shoulders where she's outgrowing them. I am occupied with watching Eli hop around the kitchen like a frog in front of his sister's high chair because of how she squeals with genuine laughter every time he ribbits. And then she scatters Cheerios across the floor and peeks over the edge of her tray to see where they possibly could have gone. I ask myself the same thing about the past 365 days.

so I won't wait because before I know it, six more months will have passed and she'll be walking and pulling things from shelves, and then i really won't have time to write it all down. for now, before I forget, i'll just post this photo. My friend Keely took it yesterday of Millie, the birthday girl. I love how happy she looks, just crawling across the floor in her tutu without a care in the world.