26 July 2009

tomato, tom-ah-toe


obviously it's been a little while since i've had a chance to post. lately, most of my inspiration seems to be devoted to projects other than writing, but i am hoping to get back to more frequent blogging very soon.

i am very excited to have been asked to participate in East Nashville's annual Tomato Art Fest coming up in just a couple of weeks. yesterday, jeremy took eli fishing for the first time off our local pier, and i had a day to spend painting away in my studio. it had been so long since i put on some music and worked until my fingers were caked with glue and strands of my hair were dotted with paint. 

this morning, i rushed over and dropped off my three pieces to meg at the gallery. it's always hard for me to be objective about my work, especially because Nashville is brimming with so many amazingly talented artists. from what i could glimpse inside the gallery today, this is going to be a really great tomato art show. i'm always a bit nervous to have my humble pieces hanging next to these amazingly intricate works, but it's still fun to contribute something and i'm mostly pleased with what i created.

[for now, i'll just give a peek at the details. after the art show, i will post the full images.]