17 August 2008


finally grabbing a spare moment to post the full views of the three art pieces I created for Nashville's recent Tomato Art Festival. i was so happy when we walked in the gallery that Saturday and found that all three of my pieces were hanging together in the front room.

then, we walked by and noticed a red dot on one of the tags, which meant it had been purchased. i was stunned to have sold my first piece of artwork ever. it inspires me to continue creating as i have the time. there are still several weeks left in the show too...it runs until the end of September.

but the absolute best part of the experience, without a doubt, was the moment we first walked into the crowded gallery. Jeremy was ahead of me while I pushed Eli's stroller, and he spotted my art immediately. when we got closer and saw that one had sold, i looked at Jeremy and saw that he had actual tears of pride in his eyes. for a moment i think he understood how i felt when he completed his last album, Recovery, and so many people responded to it. Of course, that album required many more tireless hours than my three small canvases, but there's something we understand about each other, in part because we're both artists. it's gratifying to find such a mutual passion within your spouse.

so, now here's the art (click images to enlarge):

No. 1 - ledger #4

ledger #4 {closeup}

No. 2 - tomato garden (SOLD!)

tomato garden {closeup}

No. 3 - picnic

picnic {closeup}

the end.

10 August 2008

little boy blue.

i love this photo that my mom took of Eli when she was in Nashville. he looks like such a little boy, no longer a baby. i am thankful that he's growing and changing and i love watching his personality evolve, though i do wish it would slow down just an ounce.

we've had a lot of quality family time this weekend...

on friday, Eli and i had an outing to Dickson and on the way home stopped at Field of Dreams park in White Bluff where we explored the swings and slides and Eli chased birds around a planted Christmas tree until his cheeks turned flush.

yesterday, the three of us ventured out for the Tomato Festival which was a lot of fun. great to see so many friends and be in our old neighborhood for a few hours.

jeremy & billy pushing eli & emmy along fatherland street

eli & emmy

in front of the art gallery

last night, the Cervenys came over for dinner. i made braised short ribs and they brought pie.

today we are just taking it easy before the new week begins. i'm on to my next work project, writing a biography for andrew peterson for his new album, Resurrection Letters Vol. II. i'll be squeezing that in during eli's naps and after he goes to bed at night. during the day we have plans to swim with friends, visit the splash pad at the park, and hopefully go to story time mid-week. my art studio is beginning to take shape too, so finally i'll have a creative space to work. i hope to launch an online store one day soon.

these days are busy, but they are good.

06 August 2008

tomato art fest (updated)

[after an accidental blogging break, i'm going to cram two posts into one day just so i can get up to date.]

i am excited to share that i'll have three one or two [just got notice that there were so many contributors and a lot of large work this year that they've had to edit and can only display 1-2 paintings per artist.] pieces of artwork at the Art & Invention Gallery for this year's annual Tomato Art Fest in east nashville. red tree coffee was the first place that ever agreed to actually display my art, so i was thrilled when Meg at Art & Invention asked me to be a part of this year's show. my tomato-themed work will be there this weekend, so if you're in Nashville, stop by and see the collection. i peeked in today and there's some amazing work hanging in the gallery. mine may end up on a low nail in a back corner of the smallest room, but i still feel honored nonetheless.

the tomato fest is also fun for other reasons, including great people-watching, lots of artisans selling their wares, face-painting for kids, and area restaurants offering tomato-inspired dishes for the day. last time we went i was pregnant with eli, so it will be fun to attend this year with him in tow.

hope to see you there.

and here's the tiniest glimpse at what i made for the show. i'll post the full views after this weekend, along with some other projects around the house.

eli's baptism.

for various reasons, it has taken us eighteen months to schedule eli's baptism. we wanted to do it sooner, but it just finally happened this past weekend. we had a memorable time with family & friends. my mom and stepdad arrived on thursday, so my mom and i had lots of time to shop, cook, and visit. jeremy's brother josh flew in on sunday. to celebrate the day, my mom and i made a big spaghetti lunch with my italian great-grandmother's family recipe sauce. and of course there were cupcakes.

at church that evening, eli was in a...let's say spirited mood from all the sugar and attention of the afternoon, so he was extremely wiggly during the baptism. once the water was put on his head he stopped squirming long enough to say "wa-wa" and pointed at the bowl, desperately hoping to play in it. he looked sweet in his white linen outfit and we felt so proud to be his parents.

at home we took some photos and ate my mom's homemade pizza (it was an italian-themed day) and eli got to stay up extra late feeding uncle josh's pizza to the dog and hiding underneath the dining table.

with uncle josh

with nonnie & opa

standing on the air vent

lunch with family & the browns

at home on the porch