17 August 2008


finally grabbing a spare moment to post the full views of the three art pieces I created for Nashville's recent Tomato Art Festival. i was so happy when we walked in the gallery that Saturday and found that all three of my pieces were hanging together in the front room.

then, we walked by and noticed a red dot on one of the tags, which meant it had been purchased. i was stunned to have sold my first piece of artwork ever. it inspires me to continue creating as i have the time. there are still several weeks left in the show too...it runs until the end of September.

but the absolute best part of the experience, without a doubt, was the moment we first walked into the crowded gallery. Jeremy was ahead of me while I pushed Eli's stroller, and he spotted my art immediately. when we got closer and saw that one had sold, i looked at Jeremy and saw that he had actual tears of pride in his eyes. for a moment i think he understood how i felt when he completed his last album, Recovery, and so many people responded to it. Of course, that album required many more tireless hours than my three small canvases, but there's something we understand about each other, in part because we're both artists. it's gratifying to find such a mutual passion within your spouse.

so, now here's the art (click images to enlarge):

No. 1 - ledger #4

ledger #4 {closeup}

No. 2 - tomato garden (SOLD!)

tomato garden {closeup}

No. 3 - picnic

picnic {closeup}

the end.


bmcallister said...

one of these days i'm going to commission something of you.

david, kelly & sam said...

yeah!! congrats.

jenni said...

Your husband is a great man - I love how he understands you, and your artistic-ness. These pieces are amazing! I love the images, the textures, all of it. Hurry up w/the online shop.

Lauren said...

awesome! i love them :) and i'm with bmcallister....ever since you posted pictures awhile back of the tree you painted for lisa, i have been wanting something of yours to hang in my home :)

robyn a. jones said...

what beautiful art work!

Anonymous said...

My Girl....I am so very, very proud of you and your accomplishments. You bring tears of joy to my eyes, a swelling of pride in my heart and a profound gladness that I didn't allow coloring books while you were growing up!


keely said...

KIERST!!!! I love these!! sooooo great and soooo exciting!

*jj said...

When are you going to start an etsy store? The world needs to see (and buy) what you create!

tata said...


Brian said...

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