10 August 2008

little boy blue.

i love this photo that my mom took of Eli when she was in Nashville. he looks like such a little boy, no longer a baby. i am thankful that he's growing and changing and i love watching his personality evolve, though i do wish it would slow down just an ounce.

we've had a lot of quality family time this weekend...

on friday, Eli and i had an outing to Dickson and on the way home stopped at Field of Dreams park in White Bluff where we explored the swings and slides and Eli chased birds around a planted Christmas tree until his cheeks turned flush.

yesterday, the three of us ventured out for the Tomato Festival which was a lot of fun. great to see so many friends and be in our old neighborhood for a few hours.

jeremy & billy pushing eli & emmy along fatherland street

eli & emmy

in front of the art gallery

last night, the Cervenys came over for dinner. i made braised short ribs and they brought pie.

today we are just taking it easy before the new week begins. i'm on to my next work project, writing a biography for andrew peterson for his new album, Resurrection Letters Vol. II. i'll be squeezing that in during eli's naps and after he goes to bed at night. during the day we have plans to swim with friends, visit the splash pad at the park, and hopefully go to story time mid-week. my art studio is beginning to take shape too, so finally i'll have a creative space to work. i hope to launch an online store one day soon.

these days are busy, but they are good.


Alice Mary said...

Saw your art but missed seeing you yesterday. I am thinking of the 10:30 Tuesday storytime...let me know if that may work for you and Eli.

Anonymous said...

all I can say is..."Oh, Baby"


jenni said...

Love the photos of Eli in blue (a good color for him) and you & Eli.

Yay for your online store! And art studio!

I'm waiting (im)patiently to see your tomato art in full. Please.

lisa said...

your mom's 'oh baby' comment made me laugh out loud again ~ soo funny :) love these pictures of eli and emmy!

kierstin said...

to explain for confused comment readers: Eli has recently begun saying "Oh, Baby" as his favorite phrase. no one taught it to him which makes it even funnier. on saturday he turned to Lisa who had just gotten into our car and said, "oh baby!" as his greeting.

we are amused.

jenni said...

Eli saying, "oh, baby" makes my whole day.