06 August 2008

tomato art fest (updated)

[after an accidental blogging break, i'm going to cram two posts into one day just so i can get up to date.]

i am excited to share that i'll have three one or two [just got notice that there were so many contributors and a lot of large work this year that they've had to edit and can only display 1-2 paintings per artist.] pieces of artwork at the Art & Invention Gallery for this year's annual Tomato Art Fest in east nashville. red tree coffee was the first place that ever agreed to actually display my art, so i was thrilled when Meg at Art & Invention asked me to be a part of this year's show. my tomato-themed work will be there this weekend, so if you're in Nashville, stop by and see the collection. i peeked in today and there's some amazing work hanging in the gallery. mine may end up on a low nail in a back corner of the smallest room, but i still feel honored nonetheless.

the tomato fest is also fun for other reasons, including great people-watching, lots of artisans selling their wares, face-painting for kids, and area restaurants offering tomato-inspired dishes for the day. last time we went i was pregnant with eli, so it will be fun to attend this year with him in tow.

hope to see you there.

and here's the tiniest glimpse at what i made for the show. i'll post the full views after this weekend, along with some other projects around the house.


clyde said...

these look great. i'm glad you were invited to participate again!

jenni said...

I wish I could go and see! I'm so happy your art is getting the attention it deserves.

robyn a. jones said...

i love the artwork:)

clairestrebeck said...

i can't wait to see the whole picture! :)

*jj said...

sounds like a great experience. Please don't forget to post photos of the whole finished pieces! I'm sure they're just lovely.