09 March 2007

what is good.

- spring. new buds on our willow tree, inklings of green leaves beginning to emerge.
- people pushing baby carriages along the sidewalks of our neighborhood.
- nourishment by many friends who have come to see us, and others who have come to bring us dinner.
- this weekend, a visit from Jeremy's brother.
- the scent of clean laundry.
- burt's bees apricot baby oil.
- apple tea.
- sunlight, instead of grey out the window.
- a new antique store around the corner.
- birds.
- eli sleeps. eli wakes up. eli stretches his neck, looks around with wide eyes, and then rests his head on my shoulder.


Jenni said...

Apple tea sounds lovely.

Eli is even cuter now. Please keep the pictures coming!

Anonymous said...

I love that baby and miss him...I need a Nashville fix!!!


Christine said...


He is absolutely PRECIOUS and looks more and more like you!

Steve said...

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