17 September 2005

Piece of Cake

I have just removed something very exciting from the freezer. A large, smooshed, year-old, vacuum-sealed, frozen slice of wedding cake.

Tomorrow is our first anniversary, which is really interesting to very few people besides Jeremy and me, so let’s just focus on the cake instead.

THE CAKE, at its debut, was three delicious blonde tiers, each one filled with heavenly layers of white chocolate and tiramisu (coffee and kahlua dusted with cocoa), spread from top to toe with champagne-tinted buttercream frosting, and adorned with the most beautiful array of fall-colored roses and blue hydrangea petals.

When we returned from our honeymoon, half of the middle tier was in a box in our refrigerator along with the top, so for the next several days we dug in with forks, and floated around the house on a wonderful sugar-high.

This is a cake so good that I have been anticipating its return all year long. Several times have I thought of it.

And we even have a contingency plan.

In case the frozen piece (now thawing on the counter) turns out to be too crumbly or freezer-burned, our fabulous cake lady (who sadly is retiring from the cake business next month) has agreed to make us a tiny replica, which I am picking up today at 1 o'clock for us to enjoy as tomorrow’s dessert.

If it lasts until then!

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the Os said...

happy anniversary!!!