24 January 2006

me and kate.

kate winslet has an advertisement for american express on page twenty of my InStyle magazine. There's this great black and white photograph of her chewing on her fingertip, with one leg crossed to reveal the bottom of a prunish bare foot in need of a pedicure. Presumably, kate's hard at work studying an oscar-winning script, but she looks just disheveled and normal enough to seem relatable. On the page that follows, she answers questions about her life in order to show the importance of her relationship with her credit card. There's something about this ad that makes me want to be kate winslet, just for a minute. Perhaps that's the intended purpose.

Sadly, I cannot be kate winslet inasmuch as I am not English, nor do I own an American Express card, nor am I a celebrity, nor have I ever worn a corset. Even so, no one can stop me from answering the “My Life, My Card” questionnaire, so away I go...

(I am not going to look at kate's answers until I finish mine, and then I’ll see how much we have in common.)

My name: Kierstin Casella

childhood ambition: (in this order) to be Crystal Gayle. to teach. to write.

fondest memory: working in the garden with my dad. my wedding day.

soundtrack: simon & garfunkel on vinyl.

retreat: New Orleans. an aromatic day-spa

wildest dream: to have a cooking show on the Food Network

proudest moment: caring for my dad when he was sick with cancer; anytime I’m with my husband

biggest challenge: overcoming fear. remembering what's true.

alarm clock: my husband’s coffee breath in my face

perfect day: one that’s full of good surprises

first job: telemarketing

indulgence: gourmet chocolate

last purchase: fabric to make a purse

favorite movie: tie-- amelie & the sound of music, depending if i'm feeling more creative or nostalgic

inspiration: art museums. good books. nature outside the car window.

My life: makes more sense the older I get.

My card: Kroger Plus, Nashville public library, Starbucks, debit

[# of answers the same or similar to kate winslet: 1
We both love chocolate. I always knew we were kindred spirits.]

For Kate's answers, buy the February issue of InStyle with Uma Thurman on the cover.
For Jeremy's answers, (I made him do the questions too,) visit his blog


Julie said...

Jeremy's remarks smack of the
"I'll do this because she asked me to...". Cute. Adorable. It is still so newlywedish. Congratulations.

Love you guys!

Ps...Hope you have been feeling better?

Ali O said...

i, too, saw that ad in one of my mags and also love kate. i think it's just a matter of time before she decides to take a home in nash and realize that her best friends, do indeed, live here.

Suz said...

I saw this in my InStyle and thought the same thing and had an urge to fill out the survey. I just might have to follow through today...you've inspired me. :-)

Seay said...

Hey friend. I'm up early and find myself at your blog for the first time. You're amazing. Kate's got nothing on you. I'd rather be you any day. ali

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