19 January 2006

sometimes you get what you wish for…

The strangest thing happened. Spring came early.

On the night before last (the night of the grey-day-on-the-sofa) I learned the reason that the sky had been so thick all afternoon. I’d gone to let the dog outside and saw beautiful white snowflakes drifting down against the street lights.

Jeremy and I wrapped up in scarves, hopped in our Subaru Forester and went driving around to see what winter looks like when it does its job correctly. We listened to the radio, turned on our heated seats, and just drove. Eventually, we ended up at the Cheesecake Factory and split dessert. Okay, I’ll be honest, we didn’t split dessert. We each ordered our very own slice of heavenly cheesecake piled high with cream and white chocolate shavings to match the snow. (After eating little besides chicken broth for a few days, I felt entitled to indulge.)

By yesterday morning, the snow had made a light layer over rooftops and car windshields, even hiding the brownness of our winter lawn. It’s the first real snow we’ve had this winter, and somehow even those few flakes made me feel happy and calm for an hour or two.

Then today, I got my wish. After a very rough night’s sleep last night, I awoke this morning to find the snow melted and the temperature raised at least 30 degrees. The weather in Nashville tends to be pretty schizophrenic, but this time I’m not complaining. From snow to spring in a matter of hours! I’m in a short-sleeved top, and beyond the windows there’s a crisp blue sky and plenty of sunshine. I just let Sam outside to play and noticed a huge green tree stretched out above our neighbor’s roof, blowing back and forth in the breeze. So tonight for dinner, I’m making rosemary chicken with wild mushroom sauce from my Rachael Ray cookbook. I have no choice…it’s springtime…even if only for today.

I might even do a little painting.

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Julie said...


Fred & I moved into our new home last Saturday...amid 52 degree temperatures! Moving in the middle of January in Montana can be horrible. (Numerous friends who showed up to help us compared horror stores to attest to the fact. The winner was the one who faced forty below blasts for their move, forst-bit fingers and all...)
WE were amazed at wearing t-shirts (for the under 25 crowd) and sweatshirts (for the rest of us). What a great blessing the 'spring like' day was. I wish I was doing your kind of painting, but alas, it is a roller and brush I am attacking my walls with today. So glad to catch up a few minutes with you...