17 February 2006

things which lately i am liking...

(this is really more of a record for myself)

1. cranberry juice with a splash of water
2. snow
3. project runway
4. jeremy's new songs
5. cinnamon dolce lattes
6. kai perfume
7. my husband's socks
8. pears with cheese and wheat thins
9. domino magazine
10. white sheets
11. taking photographs
12. "musha boom" by feist
13. things with birds on them
14. chocolate
15. chopping fresh ginger
16. earplugs (necessary at night)
17. grapefruit candles
18. imogen heap
19. other people's babies
20. my camel-colored sweater


Jenni said...

The items on this list are only some of the reasons you are one of my best friends.

(I LOVE cinnamon dolce lattes, too, but no whip)

kierstin said...

definitely no whip.

Jeremy said...

no benny, no pep!

kierstin said...