24 June 2006

Paris in the Springtime

Nothing much to write about at the moment...I am keeping occupied with memories of Europe. Thought I would post some photos from our time in Paris.

a big tower thingy we kept passing...not sure what it was but it changed colors at night.

jeremy and door detail: a study

notre dame cathedral

colorful paris

venus de milo and friends

visiting Amelie in Montmarte

tea time

pretty building behind branches

"subway" entrance

along Rue Cler

if you look reaaaally close, you can see Nicole Kidman perched on top...she's waving


Anonymous said...

loved this blog! Paris is sooo fun! :) oh wait, so is munich :)(but paris definitely wins!)

Christine said...

What are ya trying to do to us, Kierst?!? Stunning. Just stunning.

Jenni said...

Gorgeous city - you take exquisite photographs. I AM going there one day and dragging Johnny with me. I love that picture of you!

Steve said...

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