13 August 2006


I decided to study our garden, up close. I love the way the soft green lambs ear leaves appear as if they're sprinkled with sugar. From a nearer perspective, it's more like whispy white fur. I discovered a whole new layer to our garden (along with a friendly bug) just by studying it through my camera lens...

...which inspired me to create a place for my photography on Flickr so that it will be easier to view and keep organized. Hopefully I'll be motivated to add new galleries at least once a week in my effort to plow ahead with photographic pursuits (even if only for fun.)

More images from the garden can be found there.


1 comment:

Lauren said...

kierstin, you are one of the most talented writers and photographers i know. seriously. keep plowing forward...you can do both of these things for much more than just fun! blessings, lauren