16 August 2006

a place to sit

while walking around the house, i noticed that we have quite an eclectic assortment of chairs. some people collect stamps or seashells...i collect places to perch. some are flea market or antique store finds, others are hand-me-downs or pieces of my childhood. i have my favorites, but each of them holds special meaning, even if just a comfortable place for the cat to sleep, or brightening a corner of our bedroom. i have posted a more detailed display on Flickr...but here are a few of the images i like best:

[red flea market chair - i love the bright color, the rustic feel, and the curved lines]

[ruby velvet chair that feels regal with its tassels. mia's current favorite napping spot]

[pea green soup desk chair from the 70s with a modern-retro feel, and a bit tattered]

[shabby gold hand-me-down chair from my once-boss lisa. this is where i sit most mornings for coffee and reading by the window...when it is not being occupied by a dog]

[antique wooden rocker, once seatless. a birthday gift from my mom that needed some work...my friend todd refinished it and we had a new thick cushion made from tapestry fabric. this is a chair i will keep forever]

1 comment:

Jenni said...

It's funny - I was planning to take a picture of a rocking chair and a garage sale chair, both in our bedroom.

I love your antique wooden rocker - I can see why it's a keeper. An eclectic collection is better than a matching set in my opinion!