05 August 2006

What I Love About Saturday...

Waking up at 10 AM with no alarm clock, only a sliver of sun peeking through the blinds

Morning coffee on the sofa while watching TV in our PJs – we are watching landscape design shows on HGTV and Jeremy is engrossed

A day full of project possibilities – today I will edit some photos, work on a painting, and sort a few more drawers

Sam the dog curled up against my legs, sleeping in an extra hour


Time to roam around town--maybe a trip to the Farmer’s Market for some summer tomatoes and a jar of local honey

The sound of Jeremy playing his new piano

Skipping a shower

Strolling mindlessly through antique malls, flea markets, and the art supply shop

Piecing together a creative dinner from whatever ingredients are left from the week

Imagining my mom at her weekend beach house, walking along the humid shore, collecting shells and smooth bits of colored glass


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