28 September 2006

A Bobo for Sam.

I love that Petsmart commercial about the dachsund and its little sausage-shaped doll named Bobo. So when I went to buy cat food today and ran across a whole bin full of Bobos on sale for $4.99, I snatched one up as a surprise for Sam.

I could barely get Bobo out of the plastic sack before Sam was springing toward my hands trying to see what I had brought home. He typically assumes it is for him, and today he was right for a change.

He immediately grabbed his Bobo between his teeth and carried it over to the dining room rug to get acquainted.

Then outside to the patio for a little sun-basking:

And back into the house where things took an unfortunate turn for the worse:

Blobs of cotton stuffing now litter the floor and what was once Bobo's large toothy grin has quickly become a scary set of dangling teeth ripped out of place.

I don't understand it...the dog on TV was so nice to his Bobo.


Elizabeth said...

Alright, introductions first... my name is Liz and I came across your blog after first coming across your husband's. I really appreciate his music - faith & heartache in particular spoke the hope of the gospel into a rather dark time in my life. I also really appreciate your pictures and your eye for taking them. They're awesome!

Anyhow... onto my reason for posting a comment in the first place! My husband and I have a yellow lab named Molly who has never much been interested in toys until we got her this little stuffed hedgehog from PetSmart a couple of months ago. She's now pretty much inseparable from her Hedgie (as it came to be called), such that the little creature looks more like a Franken-Hedgie! It's interesting to watch how different dogs interact with their toys... and I love how your pictures captured the story.

Ali O said...

cute sam! i need to bring ella by again so she can run around after him pointing and barking :)