04 October 2006

current favorite color...


for some reason lately, i love this shade of orange. and not just to eat, although i did make two loaves of pumpkin bread (not to be confused with my friend Keely's pumpkin ROLL, which is much more special and which I am hoping to receive again this holiday season. yes, that is a hint.)

it's probably the time of year, the changing of the leaves--from green everywhere you look to shades more interesting. it's how much I love the fall, and the orangey-ness of gourds piled high in the produce section. and a pumpkin-colored T-shirt I want to buy for the baby.

i have decided that very soon i need to paint something in this color and hang it in our house.

in the meantime, all i have is a loaf of pumpkin bread and my new orange spatula to admire:


Jenni said...

I adore pumpkin bread! And Keely, a pumpkin roll sounds delicious.

I have an easy recipe for pumpkin pie dip - you use gingerbread men or similar cookies to dip - if anyone wants it.

Jenni said...

I should say I got the recipe from Christine.


Christine said...

Yum, that pumpkin dip is scrumptious. Also, Kierst, I love your tablecloth!

keely said...

Might I add. . .I just had a bite of the scrumptious pumpkin bread pictured in the blog and i am ready for a scarecrow man and pumpkins on my front porch. thanks for bringing in the fall kierst!!

Lisa said...

Can I just say yuuummy! and I also love the pumpkin roll too :) (hint hint keely :)) this is the only time of year that I love this color! bring on the fall!