19 October 2006

Waiting for the paint to dry...

Now my head feels more like it’s stuffed with only a pair of socks, so there’s progress. I really could not bear another 12 hours of lying on the sofa, so I decided to make something of today whether I felt like it or not.

Jeremy recognized my cabin fever and took me out to lunch at the Red Wagon. I could eat a pound of their pickled grapes (the only thing pickled I will allow near my mouth.) We escaped the rain and had a quiet lunch in the cozy café and talked about how strange it is that we’re about to become parents. Then we drove to Portland Brew so I could get a cup of jasmine hot tea, and admired the changing red bud tree in the yard of our friends who live across from the coffee shop.

Jasmine Tea always makes me think of Kim Son, my favorite Vietnamese restaurant in Houston. I think it might be closed now which is slightly devastating.

At home, Jeremy set to work on some new lyrics, dug out his old harmonica, and called the piano-tuner to make an appointment. I decided to paint for awhile because it’s somewhat mindless but makes me feel productive. That, and I like the backdrop of Jeremy’s songs while I’m chiseling away at my art. It’s as if we’re both contributing.

Outside, the gutters are spilling over so it sounds like a spigot, and the windows are steamy. (editor's note: I originally spelled "spigot" as "spicket" but in thinking back, it just didn't seem right to me--though I could think of no better spelling. After a good bit of searching, I found that it's actually spelled "spigot." Who would have guessed that? My whole life I thought that water thing was called a spicket. Didn't you?)

I am waiting for a few layers of acrylic to dry so I can finish up, and then I’ll post the day’s creations. Nothing I slaved over really, but it feels good to be up and about again.


Mom said...

Kim Som is alive and well. Dan and I will bring some of those yummy spring rolls when we come out for Thanksgiving.


kierstin said...

woo hoo!!

Jenni said...

This makes me happy, too! Do you mean the one downtown?