29 June 2007

recent favorites:

~raw almond butter & savannah bee tupelo honey on bread


~eli's belly laughs

~french music

~rosemary and russian sage clippings


~cheesy polenta

~orange blossom soy votive from french general

~rex goliath "free range" pinot noir

~crest pro health toothpaste

~demitasse spoons

~feist's song "brandy alexander"

~the kone

~shades of white


~summer naps

~burt's bees apricot baby oil on 5 month old feet

~our neighborhood's new hot dog stand, "I Dream of Weenie," which i have yet to try, but am optimistic it will become a favorite.


keely said...

I like the favs and let's go try the weenie wagon soon =) !!

Christine said...

Yay :) I like reading Kierstin favorites.

Jenni said...

Mmm, I love almond butter and honey, too, and that Tupelo honey looks especially amazing.