24 August 2007

There is Work to Be Done.

Today’s list: (and what became of it)

Finish second cup of Dancing Goats coffee [in preparation for work.] done
Make bed. done
Late breakfast. Early lunch. done
Plant seeds in tiny painted pots for the window ledge. pots still empty
Wash sofa slipcovers. still dirty
Tomorrow’s grocery list...find recipes. almost done
Cat box. um, always last priority...can wait till tomorrow
Feed Eli oatmeal and pears. peaches. done
Buy: baby vitamins, organic 1% milk, something chocolate. milk and chocolate bar = done
Begin paper collage project. tomorrow
Write thank-you notes. tomorrow
Make chicken tacos Go to Baja Burrito for dinner. done
Squash Carrots and peas for Eli. ate them all
Read “If You Give a Pig a Pancake” "When the Moon Smiled" as bedtime story. done
Doze. soon...


Jenni said...

I love lists!

I confess: I do not make our bed every day.

themojos said...

Just as a side note, Have you heard of Dolly Parton's Book from Birth? You get a free book every month until your child is five!!! It's so fun getting a suprise children's book. Look it up on the Nashville Library website if you havent already. it's great!!!

Christine said...

Sounds like the perfect day to me. I don't make our bed everyday either :(

Jenni said...

OK, now I feel better except you STILL made your bed!

I'm intrigued by your paper collage project. I've considered trying my hand at a collage of sorts...

Amy Alexander said...

I love this list! Your days always seem so pleasant!