11 September 2007

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it rained on sunday, as well as a bit yesterday and this morning. good soaking rains that made me want to stand underneath. i spent the morning celebrating the good gray day, observing the shadowed corners of our house through my camera. tonight we stepped out and the air was cool like California. at last the heat has left us, hopefully for good.

today i:

-made breakfast.
-used my new tube of Tom's of Maine natural Peppermint toothpaste.
-snapped gray photographs.
-struggled to pull my hair into a tiny pony-tail.
-watched eli pull himself up on shaky legs...several times.
-took a two o'clock nap with the soft down comforter pulled over my feet.
-filled CD orders.
-looked out the windows at the wet ground.
-had a family outing to wal-mart to buy three new toys [a plastic red piano, a baby cell phone, and a spinning top with jumping balls inside]and a little golden book [The Fox & The Hound] for eli.
-watered my pink chrysanthemum.
-sang the baby to sleep.
-split warm chocolate cookies with jeremy.

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Jenni said...

Tom's of Maine toothpaste AND a neti pot - wow.