05 September 2007


Any creative bone in my body came from my mother. from my father, i inherited a goofy sense of humor that only emerges when i feel very comfortable with someone (usually Jeremy), my deep appreciation of music despite a lack of musical talent, and a tendency toward being overly-analytical.

perhaps more useful to my daily life, however, are the gifts of imagination and artistry my mother fostered in me from a young age. I can't begin to count the nights i drift off to sleep with ideas for five new projects colliding in my head as they eagerly await morning.

my mom has pursued many creative endeavors of her own through the years, and most recently has launched a line of handmade plush toys called

while together in San Diego this summer, my mom, sister and i were standing in the kitchen preparing dinner. My sister was de-veining shrimp as we discussed a possible name for the new collection of creatures we were encouraging my mom to sell. I think it was my sister who jokingly suggested, "You could call them shrimp poop." We laughed at the time, but I guess it kind of stuck. If SpongeBob can catch on, why not a Shrimpypoo? It kind of fits too because my mom lives in Houston and loves the gulf coast beaches.

Shrimpypoos are soft and squeezable and one-of-a-kind. [Eli has a blue one named Pookie and he loves it.] Each one has a unique story behind it too, as well as imaginative characteristics that bring it to life. [Izzy is my current favorite.]

Shrimpypoos are available at shrimpypoos.etsy.com.


Christine said...

Oh my gosh, these are adorable. I think my favorite part is that their portraits are in normal settings - haha!

Jenni said...

My favorite is Sammy Bananas.