18 September 2007


Today is our three-year wedding anniversary. we got married on a beautiful fall-weather day at St. Bartholomew's Episcopal Church and had our reception in the chapel of an old convent. One thing I remember well about the evening is how quickly it went by. Too quickly.

Life has a way of doing that I guess, and it's amazing to realize that it's been five years since Jeremy and I first spent time together over a few cups of coffee and a Patagonia catalog to distract us from our nervousness. He always tells people that we "met at a coffee shop" as if he picked me up along with a packet of Splenda and a stir-stick or something.

We'd actually met briefly when I reviewed his first CD for an online magazine. A few years later, he contacted me about shooting some photographs for his next CD and we began emailing to discuss ideas. Not long after, I saw him at an event where he was performing and afterward, he beckoned me from across the room...[swoon.] We agreed to meet the following week for more "photography discussion." Together in a wooden booth at Fido, we realized our mutual affection for coffee and I took notes about his songs and tried to seem professional even though I was pretty instantly smitten. [Do people still use the word smitten?]

And that's how we actually met. Yes, in a coffee shop, sort of. A few days later we had a lunch date at The Cooker (may it rest in peace) and now here we are five wonderful years down the road, almost to the day.

We still love to drink coffee. Jeremy still gets Patagonia catalogs in the mail too, and whenever it arrives in a stack of bills bearing both our names, I instantly think back to that day of walking into Fido and seeing him sitting there flipping through the pages.


Amy Alexander said...

Congratulations you two! We love you both1

Jenni said...

Congratulations! That is one of my most favorite pictures of you two (I have a copy). I do use the word smitten, and Fido is a wonderful place to be smitten.

*jj said...

that's so sweet! Man, time goes by so fast.. I remember meeting Jeremy for the first time.. he was talking about how he was engaged to the most wonderful girl he'd ever met :)

Christine said...

I love the Casellas! Lovely photo to remember a beautiful wedding day. I remember that day too...it was right after I moved to Dallas but it was wonderful to come back to see you get hitched.

Lisa said...

happy 3rd anniversary! that was indeed a beautiful fall day and night ...perfectly fit for two of the most beautiful people i know :)
love you guys!

Anonymous said...

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