04 September 2007

to dos for september

-recover old velvet chair with plain nubby linen

-ready the sofa throw pillows for fall (new jackets)

-sort Eli's clothes

-cook with rosemary from the garden pot

-make paper collage (still haven't started)

-find a Yoga class at the Y

-print photos to frame

-birthday gift for lisa

-one last batch of homemade ice cream


Alice Mary said...

ah - yoga at the Y. I'll join you depending on which class you choose. Let me know.

Noel said...

I have really liked the morning (AM)yoga session off the DVD AM/PM Yoga for beginners. It takes about 15 min if you skip the meditation and is a good stretch. I normally do it 3 min after waking up and if I tried to do the meditation I would just fall back asleep, and what good would that do :)

Its home is:

But you can get it cheaper, check amazon and ebay.

And BTW Eli is cute as a button :) and looks like a very happy little man.