31 October 2007


so, with the bio assignment done(ish) i am soaking in some free time this morning. jeremy headed off to portland brew to work (focus) over coffee and a quiet corner. eli slumbers. two complete cups of coffee (the second one taken in the garden), a cheese omelet and buttered wheat toast: i am off to a good start. already sorted the laundry. made the white-bean crockpot chili for tonight. it's halloween. the first halloween i have cared about since i was eleven. eli's monkey costume is hanging in his closet, ready to put on. we are meeting friends at the mall for store-to-store candy grabbing. maybe he'll have his first nibble of chocolate tonight. will post photos, as the furry little monkey crawling clumsily across the floor is not to be missed. i am hoping for a good mail day. my friend jenni sent something (a pretty catalog and some orange lip balm), and i am also awaiting a small ebay purchase - paint-by-number flowers. this, i am hoping to hang in our new house, that is, if we sell ours in the next two weeks. we'll see. in the meantime, must go. the monkey is waking up now. time for a banana.

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