14 April 2008

m is for monday.

my hero of a husband saw that i was overwhelmed today so he took eli into town with him for some errands and a meeting. i am not overwhelmed by motherhood or homemaking -- i love them both and feel right at home doing them. i wasn't having a Calgon moment; it was something else.

i didn't know what the cure was really, but desperate enough to try anything, i tied on my New Balance shoes which have not seen my feet in ages and were surprised to be meeting them again. i hopped in the blue Bug with its comforting smell of old vinyl seats, California air, and nostalgia all mixed together. i rarely get to drive Maude these days because she's not exactly a "family car." she makes me happy though, so i revved her up and drove down to the park where i ran, which is something i never, ever do.

jeremy called to check on me. i had my phone clipped over the waist of my running pants (which i own, why?) just in case there was some sort of emergency like i pulled a muscle or got chased by a snake.

"i'm running," i huffed.

"you're what?"

"running. at the park."

"you mean you're walking..." he said, completely serious.

"no, i mean i am running," i replied.

"umm, you don't run. in all the time i have known you, you have never gone running."

"i need some exercise."

"maybe you should just try walking really fast."

our park is really pretty with a pond for fishing and some trails that wind around the Harpeth River. I started down a path, kind of jog-walking, until i saw two wild dog/coyote looking mammals through the trees about 50 yards away. they appeared to be searching for some food. suddenly, i became a runner with impressive speed.

after that i stuck to the paved trail around the soccer fields, then sat in the Bug for a long while listening to a crackly Cat Stevens cassette.

next, i decided it was time to embrace our new address and get a library card. Pam at the desk was suspicious of me in my running pants and allowed me only three books this first time. i chose:

-A Girl Named Zippy (recommended by Alison)
-My French Kitchen
-Pottery Barn work spaces (we are setting up my art studio/guest room this weekend.

i am feeling a bit more myself now and missing my family. i hope they come home soon.


lisa said...

this post was cracking me up! in all the time i've known you [which is at least 12 years:)] you have NEVER gone running.....if this becomes a new hobby i would love to run with you at your park :)minus the coyotes though :)

jenni said...

This made me laugh, too. Thank you.
I don't even own running pants, so you win.

Ali O said...

i'm impressed - i HATE running (esp since i was forced to run cross-country in high school).

and i'm so excited you got ole Zippy! i think you'll enjoy getting to know her :)

Christine said...

I could totally hear you telling this story out loud. I miss you, Kierst!

Anonymous said...

I am so excited...wait 'til I tell Dan. Now the two of you can run a 10K the next time you come to Houston:)