26 June 2008


not much time to write...so much to do.

the naptime clock just started so i have an hour, maybe two. first task is to straighten up...an empty milk carton, spaghetti strainer, wooden spoon, green plastic pail, all strewn about the living room rug. i am glancing sideways at artistic scribbles of ink on the sofa cushion to my right. lucky for the hands that penned it, we've been planning to buy new furniture next month.

this morning we've been to the coffee shop and library. this afternoon we'll have an outing or two if the rain holds off. in between, i need to organize closets (our present house focus), find a babysitter, water the poor hydrangea, finish eating breakfast banana bread and cucumber water, take vitamins, quick shower, grocery list, and possibly sneak in a chapter of my current reading: The Great Gatsby, upon a disheveled bed that will most likely remain that way for the next two days.

j is in Indiana for work. the air outside is hot and we miss him. seems like a good day for an ice cream cone...let's add that to the list.


jenni said...

Cucumber water - yum.

david, kelly & sam said...

explain cucumber water?!

kierstin said...

:) water with a slice of cucumber in it. try it.

Tina said...

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