28 November 2008

what a family is.

the only things left to wash are a bundle of silver-plated flatware and a lonely gravy boat.

we spent thanksgiving with two and a half members of our nashville "family"...cason and katie and their soon-to-arrive baby boy came over for dinner. the cervenys peeked in as well on their way home from a nearby celebration with relatives. the cooleys brought delicious vegetable casserole and cranberry sorbet; i made my grandmother's stuffing and my own rosemary mashed potatoes.

we had much to be thankful for as we gathered around the table. our marriages and children, friendship and family, a bountiful feast before us.

last weekend, jeremy and i pulled together to help our son, sick with a stomach bug, and our little dog Sam, who got attacked by two large huskies behind our house. following all the ensuing commotion and piles of laundry, we spent yesterday watching the Macy's parade, then tidied up the house and prepared the Thanksgiving meal.

so this morning Eli and i are lounging a bit. i am reluctant to admit it (denial, perhaps) but i fear i may have caught his sickness. something in my stomach just does not feel quite right. i am hoping it is nothing more than the dish of leftover bread pudding i ate for breakfast, but i suspect otherwise.

still, i am thankful for good health, knowing that there are many without it. i am thankful for this sturdy, warm house with its view of squirrels running along the telephone line. i am thankful for my prudent, hard-working husband whose insistence that we not use credit cards has saved us greatly in this new economy. i am thankful for my quietly napping little boy who has energy again and can finally enjoy a chocolate chip waffle. for his tender heart and his love of cheese. for the way he whispers, "goggle, goggle" whenever we ask him what sound a turkey makes. and so much more.


jenni said...

Oh, I hope you didn't catch Eli's stomach bug! I shall pray. :)

Lovely thoughts here, as always.

Christine said...

It sounds perfect :)

Thesupermanns said...

Oh..im so sorry the bug got to your home too. we had it too. I will pray. Sounds like a nice Thanksgiving....