16 December 2008

while the snow pretends to fall.

the cold, grey-green wintry days have awakened small gusts of creativity in me. it's been good to sneak upstairs to my little studio during eli's rests, with favorite *christmas music on my ipod while i layer paper and paint upon canvas. the songs, and the season itself, have both found their way into this recent work. and my friends amy & katie at red tree coffee[shop] kindly offered them a temporary home on their walls.

*on the playlist:
baby it's cold outside (zooey deschanel)
christmas day (dido)
i heard the bells on christmas day (pedro the lion)
delig er jordan (kings of convenience)
just like christmas (low)


forest in winter.

winter window.


jenni said...

Yep, I'm a fan of your work! forest in winter jumps out at me here ~ lovely.

keely said...

Kierst. . .I LOVE these!! Peace on Earth is beautiful!

Christine said...

Amazing Kierstin. You are a true artiste!

Lauren said...

soooo gorgeous! you are incredibly talented, kierstin!

The Morginskys said...

love em! what size is the peace on earth? and thanks for the christmas music suggestions...i'm buying them tomorrow!

kierstin said...

gee....thanks guys. you all are so encouraging. :)
especially considering that i know each of you to be creative in your own ways too.

SM-- Peace on Earth is a 5X7 i believe.

Melissa said...

these are great! I love the winter window... :)

lisa said...

beautiful kierst. LoVe them! i think i need another kierstin origianl! oooh and thanks for the music tips :)

Alli Rogers said...

Just wanted to echo what everyone else has said, These are beautiful! Thank you for sharing them here!

mary said...

i am mary i found you from jj* i am a photographer! i love it mary

Alison Rae said...

i don't know how i found your blog... must be the six degrees of separation thing. i heart your art. i would love to find a way to have you ship me something in minnesota?
and i would love to send you one of my christmas cd's for inspiration...http://www.myspace.com/alisonraemusic
merry christmas!

*jj said...

the last one is my fav, but they're all so whimsical and lovely.

Brian said...

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