24 February 2009

a job well done.

yesterday, while unpacking the groceries, i asked Eli to be my helper and gave him two things to put away. first, a package of cotton balls which i asked him to take to the bathroom for me. when he returned moments later without the cotton balls, i figured he had found his way and handed him a four-pack of toilet paper to carry to the bathroom also.

after that, he went on to play in the living room while i put the rest of the groceries away in the kitchen. ten minutes later, i walked into the bathroom to find the cotton balls and toilet paper bobbing in the toilet.

he had put them away in the correct room, and in the most logical spot a two year old could think of i suppose. the fact that he is not yet potty trained, but managed to correlate the toilet paper to the toilet is surely indicative of a genius. just as i've suspected all along.


jason said...

that is awesome. thanks for sharing. hope the 3 of you are well.

lisa said...

that's hilarious! love it! what a sweet little helper :) give him a big hug from me

jenni said...

Of course! So cute. :)

jeremy said...

i have no doubts as the the genius of our little man. :)

of course he put the bathroom items exactly where he thought they should go! perfectly logical.

well played, Eli!


Christine said...

HA! That's one to tell at his rehearsal dinner one day :)

Anonymous said...

That's my grandson....bypassing the middle man.


Thesupermanns said...

Smart little fellow....want to see you and your little genius soon.

brian7 said...

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