10 May 2009

Sit, Mama.

we celebrated mother's day on saturday because of jeremy's work schedule, and because we are busily packing today for a trip to houston to visit my mom tomorrow. hooray!

this mother's day feels different for a few reasons. the living room is strewn with trains, pieces from a toy doctor kit, building blocks, and little plastic trucks. eli has grown into such a little boy, a busy, curious one, who without prompting will wrap his little arm around my neck as we sit on the sofa or pat the cushion next to him and say, "sit mama, sit." it is evident that his greatest sense of joy comes when the three of us are together as a family. i am fortunate to have such an involved husband who spends so much time with our son; there is always much togetherness.

so it is different because eli has grown and changed, become more of a boy with all of the grubbiness and diligence and energy the word implies. he has also become even more tender-hearted and sweet. he still loves to be rocked to sleep, switching shoulders every few minutes for variety. if one of us runs out to the store for a bit, he'll heartily pat us when we return, saying, "Home Dada! HOME!" just to reassure himself that we've come back and to make certain we know he's glad about it.

this year is also different because now we've got another baby on the way! it feels odd to wrap my mind around being a mother of two, but i can hardly wait for this next phase of adventure and a new little life to fill our home.

yesterday began with coffee, of course, in my favorite mug with the poppies that my mom gave to me a few years ago. eli shouted, "happy birthday mommy!" as i was escorted into the next room for sweet mother's day cards, a beautiful purple orchid, and a box of art supplies. my husband knows and loves me so well, it's humbling.

after a busy day of errands, lunch, and gardening, J made the best dinner for us. everything (except the spinach salad, which might have been the tastiest salad i've ever eaten----is food always that much better when someone else makes it? this must be one of the laws of gastronomy) was grilled with cowboy charcoal on our patio: marinated steak, cobs of corn with the husks in tact and slightly charred, a fat yellow onion, and mountain bread brushed with olive oil. so delicious and homemade and summery. 

after dinner, as eli slept, we went out onto the front porch with small bowls of dulce de leche ice cream and sat on the swing, listening to the music filtering through the trees from main street. it was a clashing of bluegrass and something else coming from two neighboring "bars" but it sounded nice and went well with Haagen-Dazs. 

the air outside was perfect too. we just breathed in and felt thankful and dreamed about our future rose garden. then the mosquitos came around and i heard eli calling from upstairs. i opened his door and in the bit of light spilling from the hallway i could see him standing there, hair rumpled, clutching all of his luggage: a stuffed lamb, his pillow, two blankets, and his sippy cup. "want sleep with mama now," he said. 

well, maybe just this once. afterall, it was my birthday.  


kate o. said...

a big congratulations to you on your new little one!

and your eli seems like such the tenderhearted boy. so sweet.

Thesupermanns said...

great words....love how Eli wants to cuddle with you still. Bennett is not so much the cuddler. boo hoo.
Happy Birthday to you. I didnt know you had Eli so close to your birthday. You are loved.

someone who just dropped by said...

hi nice pictures and eli is absolutely a charmer.

saw the picture he took of you, you don't look 35! by the way are you mixed? :D

and yes, happy bday!

Christine said...

I love this!!! I can't wait for your new little one :)

jenni said...

I'm so happy for you that I just have to say, "Congratulations!" again. What a lovely Mother's Day, which you deserved.

kierstin said...

hehe, actually my birthday is in July. eli just associates anything having to do with presents with a birthday. so when he saw my gift & cards on the table and knew it was a special day, he figured it must be my birthday. :) thanks for the birthday wishes though!

clairestrebeck said...

Kierstin! Congratulations!!!

John said...

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