12 August 2010

Maybe tomorrow.

ne day, i feel sure, there will be a season when:

-i will no longer need coffee at two in the afternoon.

-we will invite our friends over for dinner again. more than twice a year.

-the tile around my toilet bowls will be clean.

-it won't take me three weeks to return a phone call.

-beds will be made.

-all Cheerios will disappear from crevices, cushions, backpacks, floorboards, rugs, and the inside of my shirt.

[hence, potentially, the ants will all go back outside.]

-i could maybe own a white sofa.

-we might finish a conversation sentence without uttering the words, "just a minute."

-we might finish a conversation.

-the car won't be filled with various twigs (used for killing lions, just in case i happen to see one on the way to the store).

-i will have forgotten the perfect 3:1 ratio of water to apple juice.

-the living room will contain more pieces of furniture than pieces of batman.

THIS is definitely not that season. but i also feel sure that once this crazy, so so so tiring, sometimes overwhelming season ends, i will miss a very many things about it.


Christine said...

Oh, i LOVE this. i only understand a fraction of it right now, but i still understand. big hug to you - you are an amazing mama!

jenni said...

LOVE it. Wanna come visit your craziness. :)

amanda said...

Oh, friend. We are so in the same place right now. We should be neighbors.

lisa said...

love that in the midst of the craziness you recognize the preciousness of this season :) wish i could come out to KS for one of my saturday visits. soon. hugs to you and your cuties!

Lauren said...

every word spoken here = TRUTH.

Charlene said...

By the time your life is quiet and well ordered, you will be so old you won't remember the crazy.