14 September 2005

The first 5 things I thought about when I opened my eyes this morning

My dad.

*Why is Jeremy slamming all the kitchen cabinets?

**Tucker Carlson.

The need for thicker drapes in my bedroom.

Why is Jeremy slamming all the kitchen cabinets?

*(turns out he forgot to put the filter in the coffee maker, so coffee was flowing all over the kitchen.)

**(this I cannot explain. but I’m guessing it’s because we watched him on MSNBC last night and I noticed that he is back to wearing bowties. when he was reporting from New Orleans he wore long wading boots with his pants tucked in and looked rather like a horse jockey from an earlier decade. then again, the midst of a national disaster is no time to fuss over fashion, even if you are on television and everyone can see you.)

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