08 February 2006

a new blog...

...which is not to say that I am leaving this blog behind.

however, my old friends at grassrootsmusic.com have asked me to write a weekly post on their blog as well. that is a lot of blogging! but it's fun, too.

my other blog is posted every Thursday. this week's post is up a bit early if you care to take a peek.

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Sharon Morginsky said...

dearest kierstin,
i ran across your myspace which led me here. i've been sitting in my office crying, reading through all your blogs. i read all the back through october. it really spoke alot to me to hear the way you speak of your father and the way you speak of your grief. What an amazing relationship you two had. It's inspired me to create more memories with my dad, who lives just across town. Thanks for giving me that. Just wanted to let you know I stopped by and I'm thinking of you. oh, and happy valentine's day!