20 August 2006

charcoal and lead

the spice cabinet is still in disarray, but i completed a drawing i've been chiseling away at off and on for a few months. it feels good to have something completed. yesterday was creatively productive for the both of us, Jeremy and me. we stopped only for chicken tacos (lunch)...see, i really DO like Mexican food, a quick outing to buy a bag of Manjaro Java coffee from Davis Cookware in the village, and later to make an inventive salad with apples and sesame-ginger dressing for dinner. today, a brilliant song is five steps closer to completion and our piano is well worn-in...and after two years of a big blank wall, we finally have something to hang above our bed:

it was inspired by a photo i took of tangled paper light fixtures through a shop window one night while walking around Siena, Italy:


Matthew Smith said...

Wow! Really beautiful.

Christine said...

Kierst, that is JUST gorgeous. I never stop being amazed by your talents!!

josh cole said...

Beautiful drawing there Kierstin. All that time working with you at Grassroots and I never know you were an artist too. I know, I'm clearly very slow. :-)