21 August 2006

C is for sweet deliciousness...

monday morning. husband begins a new endeavor...a musical one.
i support by baking cookies to take to the studio.
i will also tag along and find a spot on the black leather sofa (that every studio seems to have) and nod approvingly and smile silent encouragements in his direction. i wish i could do more...like play the tambourine on a song perhaps.

alas, i have no rhythm.

whenever jeremy eats something that he likes a lot he always says, "mmm, sweet deliciousness..."

he sampled a few cookies pre-studio. they were all laid out in neat little rows: chocolate-dotted circles of temptation on the countertop. i poured him a glass of milk.

the secret ingredients (well, not so secret) are oatmeal powder (made by putting oatmeal in a blender and letting it grind into dust), and a grated up Hershey bar...these are in addition to all the regular things that go into chocolate chip cookies. i figure the oatmeal gives the cookies a bit of a health factor---lowering our cholesterol at the same time as the butter and eggs are raising it, so it all evens out in the end.

someone once told me that they love to watch people eat ice cream because no one is ever unhappy while eating an ice cream cone. the same holds true of my husband and a cookie...


jason said...

YES! I recognized those cookies immediately. Casella cookies are the best!

Some Guy said...

If you took a few dozen more pictures of him eating the cookie, we could make a flip book.