23 August 2006


it's a wednesday that feels like a friday.

we slept in until eleven today. jeremy pointed out that i always follow his lead when it comes to waking up. on the rare occasion that he decides to sleep in a little extra, i will keep right on sleeping too. no matter that i went to bed four hours earlier than he did the night before. i guess i'm a follower that way. i never was the kid on the playground leading the game of Red Rover. i was more often the one in conflict: simultaneously hoping to get picked so i wouldn't feel socially rejected, while fearing my name being called out because i didn't like being the center of attention either. i am not sure how any of that relates to sleeping though.

we took our late-morning coffee outside to the shaded bench at the edge of the yard and looked at the backside of our garden, admiring the limbs of the willow tree that are finally beginning to weep.

it's nice outside today...kind of a California day. we decided to go downtown for lunch.

every time we cross the river into downtown we realize how much we like it there---the sparse bustle of office workers walking the streets and sitting at umbrellaed tables in the courtyards, the contrast of fountains and trees against cement and brick, the smells of exhaust mixed with bad chinese food and summer air. jeremy said the smell reminded him of being in Rome, and i could catch a hint of that too. we had sandwiches and tea at Crumbs cafe, and then walked around for a little while. it's good to feel like a part of a city, to remember that there is life happening beyond the confines of our little world.

we are getting ready to put together our new bed (i sense a theme)--a project that's been on hold for several days so jeremy could finish writing and begin recording on the new album. studio time was productive for him and it was especially exciting to watch him produce. he seemed natural at it, buzzing with creativity and so full of great ideas.

my favorite lyric of the moment: "so much more than the sum of your longings are the good and the bad, all this beauty and tragedy..."

the only drawback to staying in bed until eleven is that you miss out on half of a beautiful day, and before you know it it's four o'clock. that's why i like to think of sleeping as an accomplishment in itself.

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Ali O said...

sleeping is most Definitely an accomplishment. i miss being so accomplished.