04 May 2007


Recovery is now available for Pre-Order via Jeremy's website...and when you pre-order, you'll be able to download the complete album and hear it right this minute! Also check out the fun "Making of Recovery" video.

Jeremy's new album, Recovery, is releasing on May 22nd. We are both very excited about this project. It's been a long time in the making---many pots of coffee and toiling away into the nighttime hours to get it just right, but at last it's finally finished.

I am so proud of Jeremy's accomplishment, especially considering that he not only wrote the songs, but also arranged the amazing orchestral parts woven throughout the album. He has always had an incredible knack for melody that comes so naturally.

I could be wrong, but I tend to think of most of the artists we know as natural poets: they sit down with a notebook and scribble out great lyrical lines with relative ease. And then the melodies come as slightly more of an afterthought. Important, yes, but intended more as the backdrop against which to showcase their eloquence.

With Jeremy, the path is reversed. He almost constantly hears music in his head. New melodies swirl around as often as his daily thoughts of what to eat for lunch. There's entire symphonies in all genres happening up there in his brain, and I often catch him pausing and staring at the ground in a temporary daze that lets me know he's creating. Lyrics come later, and are reached for with much more effort and diligence. But they always come.

In the end, this record is about uncovering. Pain & beauty. The past, the future. And most importantly, the truth.

En route to the golf course near Shelby Park in our neighborhood where I thought maybe we could find a nice patch of open space to take some photos for the album art, we passed a house that I had seen once while walking with a friend, and I knew it would be the perfect spot to capture both the beautiful and broken concepts of this record. One tree in the frame was brittle, still recovering from winter, while the other had welcomed new growth and was flourishing and green. The house was falling down, yet looking closely, we could see promise of what it might become, rebuilt from the pieces that remained.


jason said...

great shot. hope the three of you are doing well.

Christine said...

Kierst, that is absolutely beautiful. I can't wait to get Jeremy's album. I hope to see you and your adorable lil son when I'm in Nashville soon!

Jenni said...

When I used to read more about songwriters, I was always fascinated by which ones heard music or lyrics first.

Again, I am in love with this stunning photograph. I told Johnny, THIS is what a CD cover should look like. I can't wait to pre-order Jeremy's CD!

clyde said...

Thank you, the album is excellent. I am really enjoying it! I appreciate getting a little background on the photograph too, I'm always intrigued by the back story. Since I have only seen the picture up close I didn't even notice the state of the trees and the state of the house.

Thanks for letting us read!

Tk log said...

Man. This is awesome. What I have heard so far of the new record I love. And I appreciate your words.

Nichi said...

That's an amazing picture.

I attended a concert in which your husband was performing (in Dover, DE) It was a lovely evening.
Me and my boyfriend really enjoyed his music. I look foward to his new album.

tata said...