08 June 2007

east coast.

we just returned from a vacation with Jeremy's family in South Carolina. the trip meant a lot of firsts for 4 month old Eli, and so in turn, a lot of firsts for us as we watched each new experience unfold for him.

it was his first time to ride through a tunnel, cross a state line, and sleep in a hotel bed (with his own mini travel bed floating like a raft atop Hampton Inn sheets). after 10 hours in a carseat, he finally got his first glimpse at the ocean and was lulled to sleep by the waves as i rocked him on the deck outside our rental house. next came his first big swim in the pool, slathered from head to toe with baby sunscreen. his first swing in a hammock was followed by a second and a third. and it was his first time to dance on the beach in the arms of his grandmother before we headed back home to Tennessee.

next week we fly to the opposite coast to celebrate my mom's birthday with my side of the family, and i'm sure we'll enjoy many more firsts through eli's eyes. following his first airplane trip, he'll have a first look at his cousin jake, a first sniff of my mom's gourmet cooking, and his first brush with that cool, salty california breeze that has beckoned me back again and again, ever since my own childhood.


Christine said...

Ohhh! Wonderful! Can't wait to hear about the next adventure. The blue hat is adorable. And I love your headband, too :)

lisa said...

SO cute kierst! i'm glad you guys had so much fun!

Jenni said...

Just when I think Eli can't get any cuter, he does! I love the family pics, too - you look beautiful and happy.


jason said...

great to read new stuff from you. glad you had such a good time

Glenn said...

Great firsts! I hope you have time to continue writing your insights and discoveries. I enjoy your gift.