29 January 2008


today is Eli Henry's first birthday!

there's a colorful stack of presents from family waiting to be torn into, and we celebrated this morning with a Happy Birthday song and special blueberry birthday waffles. because we don't have a house yet officially, a party with friends will have to wait a few weeks. instead, today is a simple mini-festivity. probably for the best, because the birthday boy has a fever and cough. i don't think this will stop him from shrieking with excitement over a new toy guitar and the other gifts that await his eager little hands.

tonight we'll wear paper party hats and have a cake for him to smash if he's feeling better.

it is raining, pouring down rain, and Eli is asleep. it was snowing the day we brought him home from the hospital last year. jeremy stood at the window holding the new bundled baby and showing him the white-covered ground through weary eyes. Eli was so small and sweet. when I'd hold him close and watch him fall asleep, he'd curl up his fist with his thumb tucked in (a mama trait), and then give a gentle knock, as if dreaming of an imaginary house and a friend inside waiting to play. sometimes i can still catch him knocking.

though selfishly i often wish his growth would slow [too many moments flying by before i can catch them in a photo or write them down] i am also eager to see what new doors my curious little son will open. i know he'll be walking soon. he can already stand alone, and i am both proud and painfully tugged at whenever he does. his eyes are wide with each new encounter. his face lights up as we sing to him. he doesn't even know what a birthday is, or why we are standing there, staring at him with warm silly grins. but i think he knows that he is loved and that today we are celebrating all the things that make him so special...

[and now it's later. here are photos.]

afraid of cake...

...until he tasted it

giant Goodnight Moon book

"I AM THIS MANY" t-shirt

first guitar lesson

Happy Birthday Eli! xoxoxo


Ali O said...

happy birthday to Eli! Sadie has the pink version of that shirt. sweet 1st birthday pictures :)

jason said...

thanks for sharing. miss you guys.

jenni said...

Happy birthday, Eli!! He is so cute.
He is looking more and more like his Daddy, yet still like you, too. I love the crying-about-the-cake photo - very funny. I hope he is feeling better today.

Christine said...

Happy birthday Eli! Could he be any cuter? So inquisitive and filled with wonder. Precious!

Sharon said...

Happy Birthday Eli Henry! welcome to the 1 year old club!!! Love, Maggie

Amy Alexander said...

I love all of these pictures but that one of he and Jeremy just melts my heart!

clairestrebeck said...

Happy birthday Eli! I hope you feel better and recover soon! I love his little guitar. Knox got the same one for Christmas and loves it! :)