28 January 2008

resolutions. one through eighteen.

i like to make my resolutions at the end of january instead, that way i have a free couple of weeks in the new year to ease myself in. and also to decide what i want to work on.

here's my brief [spur of the moment] list...in no particular order.

-have better posture (i.e stand up straight)

-take my vitamins

-pay more attention to the cat

-pay less attention to the mirror


-contribute to my new community

-take Eli to the library often


-improve photography skills

-make a home (thriftily/creatively)

-take the first step with new neighbors

-pay more attention to the scenery

-pay less attention to things i think i need

-exercise. begin again

-do art

-buy natural. less polyester, less preservatives

-name 5 things i'm thankful for at the end of every day (jeremy just began this idea at the dinner table last week. it was good.)

-make less resolutions and just be, but this year with a little more effort.


jenni said...

Beautiful photograph, and a very good list. You can do it.

Christine said...

Beautiful and inspiring.

Sharon said...

nice! i think i can just take most of your list and make it mine!