25 February 2008

almost home.

today is monday. by this time next week, Lord willing, I will be drinking my morning coffee in our new house.

for the moment though, we are still here with our so-gracious friends, the Browns, who have been letting us live with them. we've done our best to contribute by cooking a few meals and restocking the fire-log bin, pretty meager compared to a roof over our heads for almost a month now. last night I helped their sixth grader with his Science Fair project, and tomorrow I'm in charge of dinner via the crockpot. It's been fun to be a part of a big family for awhile. we laugh often, and eli is learning a lot from watching the older kids. he's walking now, and each day the boys count his steps as he scuttles across the floor proudly.

still, we are anxious (beyond anxious) to get settled at our new address. our poor cat has been living in a drywall-dusty bedroom all this time, mostly hiding out in a closet near the heating duct and meowing desperately whenever we come around. the dog, lucky thing, has been on "vacation" at j's parent's house in Pennsylvania since Thanksgiving, unaware that we've even moved.

and so, this is the final week of major work. kitchen cabinet & countertop installation is finishing up today...appliances will go in. downstairs floors are being sanded and everything will get a few coats of polyurethane tomorrow. j is finishing work on the first floor bathroom--so far we have tile, toilet, and sink installed, painted walls, and light fixtures. now for a tub and we'll be all set.

the kitchen is dressed in its yummy shade of mint chocolate chip, with butter yellow peeking out from the laundry closet. so far, i am in love with our paint colors, except for the master bedroom gray which is just all wrong and resembles the coat of a field mouse.

saturday is move-in day. we'll still be lacking some doors, trim, a few light fixtures, a bit of paint, and a master bath. but those will be easy(ish) projects to tackle once we're living there. at least we'll have a finished kitchen, one nice bathroom, and sleeping places for us and the baby. what else could we need?

i am eager to begin decorating, or as i call it, "making a home." i am so anticipating the simple things: stocking the refrigerator with necessities and beginning to cook every evening. waking up, walking down a new flight of stairs in my fluffy slippers and pouring a cup of coffee near the kitchen window. looking out onto beautiful scenery and finally feeling at home again...

almost stairs

almost floor

almost kitchen

almost blue...almost green

almost bathroom


Christine said...

Those wood floors are briliant!!!

jenni said...

Goodness, your house is already gorgeous.

The Morginskys said...

tell jeremy he did a great job! the bathroom pic looks like wallpaper! our floors are very similar to yours....i like it!!!! congrats! good luck the next couple days! let us know if you need help