19 February 2008

color wheel.

i get to buy paint today!

the wide-plank hickory kitchen floors are finished and breathtaking [i never imagined i'd spend so much time admiring a floor], cabinets have arrived and are waiting to be hung. upstairs hardwoods are soaking up their special walnut stain this morning, and grout is being smeared between the crevices of bathroom hexagon tiles.

paint selection has meant a lot of indecision, sorting through piles of swatches, and holding them up to the light. at last, here are the colors i've arrived at...a list that makes me hungry and longing for spring:

mint chocolate chip
french white
green blue
feather gray (gris plume)
shabby chic
dellwood sand
pale powder
ground green
& book room red

now off i go to fetch my gallons...


jenni said...

The sound of those floors and the paint colors make me drool.
Can't wait to see photos, then visit!

lisa said...

ooooooh...need any help painting? :) can't wait to see everything!

david, kelly & sam said...

thx for being so faithful to your blog readers who are so excited about your new home and largest art project!!

Christine said...

LOVE that orangy color! It's perfect!

Lauren said...

as always, i am eagerly anticipating pictures of your beautiful transformations of the spaces you inhabit....

clairestrebeck said...

they all have such wonderful names.