15 February 2008

love bug.

we have a blue bug. An unbelievable wedding gift from my aunt who drove the little car for over thirty years. i will never ever part with it, though i've had a few offers. we named the car Maude-- in part because she's an old lady [as cars go], and also because my aunt took me to see Harold & Maude years ago and I loved the film, particularly the Cat Stevens soundtrack. Maude was also my great-grandmother's name on the same side of the family.

Maude has been needing new brakes for awhile now, so we haven't been able to drive her much. She's waited patiently in our garage, watching our Subaru Forester slip in and out of the spot next to her for months upon months. Finally, we carefully drove her to see two elderly men at a Volkswagen repair shop in town. I believe they are brothers. Now, for her entire life, Maude had been taken to Fred's Garage in Redwood City, California, [I have a shoe-box full of yellow, white and pink papers to prove it] so I imagine she found this new shop foreign and confusing as her bulbous "eyes" searched around for the likes of Fred.

we picked her up yesterday and watching her hum along the road toward the gas station as i followed behind was a sweet Valentine gift. Then it was time to part ways--- Eli and me heading back to the Brown's house to bake special chocolate chip cookies for Jeremy, while he took the bug to finish projects at our new home and stop afterward to buy twelve lovely fuchsia roses.

Before leaving, he leaned through the open window to kiss me goodbye, waved to Eli, and announced... "Maude rides again!"

Then they sputtered off down the street.