07 February 2008

the beautiful and the not-so-beautiful.

i woke up with the baby's cold this morning. a head full of cotton. we slept in.

eventually the sun appeared so we followed it on a walk, eli cozy in his navy-blue sweats and size three sneakers. this time we chose a different hill, equally as scenic as yesterday. the air was good for my scratchy breathing and stuffed up nose. eli shook his toy maraca and we huffed our way up the hill, around the bend, looking down to a hollow of naked trees. it still looks like winter outside, but i can't decide whether it feels more like the day before autumn or spring. the air has that comfortable briskness to it, hinting that the season's change is near.

i just heard a rooster. a rooster! that's the only sound i hear besides old grandpa timekeeper. this peace i've been finding has both nourished and inspired me. soon i will have a private creative space (in the new house) to write and paint and sew and paste things. my cotton-clogged mind is racing with new ideas all the time. my art room will be a robin-eggy blue.

jeremy will have a space too, a new Map Room for his music. lichen green or book-room red, we're still fiddling with swatches.

eli's room has two windows, lots of great sunlight and a big closet. i have plans for an art-gallery wall across from his crib: a collection of prints and brightly-colored canvases to pry open his imagination.

as promised, a few photos of the progress....this is mostly the demolition phase, but soon i will have photos of new hardwood floors and nice clean walls: a home that's beginning to take its shape.

scary kitchen

i call this: black tarp finds rest in the dining room

bedroom with a view into art room

demolition man

scary hole in the wall of scary bathroom next to scary closet

but soon there will be beauty. i know it's coming...


Christine said...

I am so impressed you guys are doing this yourselves! I know the end results will be beautiful, as all Kierstin-and-Jeremy-and-Eli things are.

jenni said...

I'm loving the sound of those paint colors (I haven't painted my writing room yet)! Wow, your renovations put our renovations to shame. I can't wait to see the beauty that comes from this brokenness.